Naruto: The 5 most useless top ninjutsu

1. CO·Exploding Oneself: Deidara's most powerful explosive technique, covering a range of ten kilometers and capable of obliterating everything instantly. In his battle with Sasuke, it failed to cause significant damage due to Sasuke's teleportation.

2. Kirin: Sasuke's ultimate Lightning Release technique that utilizes natural lightning, possessing greater power than regular techniques. While initially intended to be his ultimate move, it was easily blocked by Itachi's Susanoo.

3. Rikudo Sealing Technique: The second strongest sealing technique, classified as an S-rank forbidden jutsu. It has the potential to seal opponents, but was easily evaded and only sealed rocks.


4. Eight Branches Technique: Orochimaru's ultimate move, transforming him into the Eight-Headed Serpent with immortality and destructive power. He successfully transformed but was instantly killed by Itachi's Sword of Totsuka, rendering it ineffective.

5. Sage Art: Goemon: Jiraiya's strongest technique in Sage Mode, a powerful Fire Release jutsu capable of incinerating everything. It was absorbed by Pain's Hungry Ghost Realm, making it ineffective.

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