Naruto: The 5 fastest ninjutsu

1. Fourth Hokage: Flying Thunder God Technique . Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, is known for his incredible speed and his signature move, the Flying Thunder God Technique. This S-level space-time ninjutsu can instantly teleport and surpasses the speed of light. His attacks, such as the Flying Thunder God Slash and Two-Step, are extremely fast and nearly impossible to dodge.

2. Uchiha Shisui: Body Flicker Technique .The Body Flicker Technique is a basic ninjutsu that allows ninjas to move at high speeds. Uchiha Shisui is famous for his exceptional mastery. Known as the "Flickering Shisui," he can create countless afterimages, making it seem like he has multiple clones.


This effect can only be achieved when the speed of the Body Flicker Technique reaches the speed of light.

3. Guy: Night Guy .Guy is acknowledged as the strongest taijutsu ninja thanks to his Eight Gates Formation. Opening the Eighth Gates grants him incredible speed and strength. In his Night Guy state, he can run into the sky by stomping on air. His speed is so fast that it distorts space, potentially surpassing the realm of space and time.

4. Fourth Raikage: Lightning Release: Lariat . The Fourth Raikage has incredible physical abilities and wields Lightning Release: Lariat, an ultimate Lightning Release technique.


His speed and strength are greatly enhanced in Lightning Release chakra mode. His movements are so fast that even Sharingan cannot keep up. Dodging his full-powered attacks is nearly impossible. The Fourth Raikage is considered the fastest ninja, second only to the Fourth Hokage.

5. Sasuke: Kirin.Kirin is an S-level Lightning Release technique created by Sasuke after training with Orochimaru. Harnessing the power of natural lightning, it is one of the most powerful Lightning Release jutsu in terms of speed, scale, and destructive power. It is hailed as an unavoidable deadly lightning strike and the fastest Lightning Release technique to date. No one can dodge it within a fraction of a second.

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