The 5 rarest "chakra forms" in Naruto

1. Sage Mode: Might Guy, a taijutsu ninja, can surpass the power of a Hokage when his taijutsu is at its peak. In his fight against Madara Uchiha, his strength exceeded that of a Hokage.

2. Daytime Tiger: Guy's ultimate move after opening the seventh gate. It can break through Madara's Susanoo but consumes excessive chakra from opening the Eight Inner Gates.

3. Kirin: Sasuke Uchiha invented this technique during his battle with his brother, Itachi Uchiha. It summons lightning from the heavens for a devastating attack. Using it against Naruto Uzumaki proved to be a challenge.

4. Double Soft Lion Fist: Hinata Hyuga's unique ninjutsu.


Its deep blue chakra gives a mysterious and creepy feeling. Hinata only used this move later in the series, making it rare.

5. Lightning Ball: Sarada Uchiha's lightning release differs from the usual blue chakra. Her golden chakra fascinates with its Lightning Ball technique.

6. Purple Lightning: Kakashi Hatake created this technique with a purple color. Boruto Uzumaki also used it during the Chunin Exams, displaying mastery of lightning release and surpassing Kakashi. Boruto's potential, with his "external modifications," is limitless, and fans hope to see him combine Rasengan and Chidori for an incredible display of power.

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