Once Kakashi acquires the twin powers, only 5 people can limit him

1. Raikage: Kakashi's Kamui leaves him vulnerable, and Raikage's lightning speed and strength make him dangerous. 

2. Onoki: Onoki's Dust Release can counter the Kamui by disintegrating Kakashi. 

3. Mei Terumi: Mei's Lava Release is effective against space-time ninjutsu. Her Acid Mist can melt anything, including Kakashi. 

4. Guy: Kakashi's best friend, Guy, masters taijutsu and can predict and counter Kakashi's movements. His Eight Gates technique gives him incredible speed and power. 

5. Karin: As a Uzumaki clan survivor, Karin has strong Chakra and sealing jutsu abilities. Her Chakra chains can bind Kakashi and prevent his escape using Kamui.

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