The five people Uchiha Sasuke is most afraid of in his life

1. Uchiha Itachi: Itachi, Sasuke's brother, is both loved and hated by Sasuke. Sasuke witnessed Itachi's massacre of their clan, traumatizing him and distorting his personality. Sasuke trembles in fear whenever he sees Itachi.

2. Naruto: Sasuke fears Naruto because he is constantly following him and is determined to help him. Sasuke is an isolated individual, and Naruto's persistence annoys him. Sasuke fears Naruto's determination and how he hinders his ambitions.

3. Orochimaru: Orochimaru is Sasuke's mentor and first boss. Orochimaru's killing intent petrifies Sasuke but he also desires his power.


Sasuke is reckless but believes in the importance of knowing his enemy.

4. Uchiha Fugaku: Sasuke and Itachi's father and the head of the Konoha Military Police Force. Fugaku is strict, often overlooking Sasuke due to Itachi's prodigy status. This creates a sense of fear in Sasuke, as children naturally fear their fathers.

5. Sakura: Sasuke marries Sakura, but deep down, he fears her. Sakura's quick temper and incredible strength may lead to physical abuse. Sasuke may have been unable to endure frequent journeys due to this domestic violence.

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