Naruto: 5 Dead and Resurrected People

1. Naruto's revival as a Six Paths Sage: In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto was chained and had the Tailed Beasts forcefully extracted from him. Without them, he would have died. However, Hagoromo Otsutsuki granted Naruto the power of the Six Paths, saving his life and giving him even stronger abilities.

2. Sasuke's fatal encounter with Madara: When Naruto lost his Tailed Beasts, Sasuke confronted Madara Uchiha alone. Unfortunately, he was overwhelmed and fatally wounded by Madara's sword. Despite Orochimaru and others arriving too late to save him, Sasuke was also revived and gained the power of the Six Paths.


3. Orochimaru's resurrection: Orochimaru's weakened body made him an easy target for Sasuke, who killed him during a body transfer. However, Sasuke and his allies resurrected Orochimaru using the Red Bean's Curse Mark, as they needed his ninjutsu.

4. Gaara's near-death experience: After losing to Deidara from the Akatsuki, Gaara had his Tailed Beast extracted and was critically injured. Sacrificing herself, Chiyo transferred her life force to Gaara in order to save him, as he was the Kazekage.

5. Madara's meticulous plan for resurrection: Over a hundred years ago, Madara carefully planned his resurrection. Initially brought back as an Edo Tensei, he eventually achieved true resurrection through the Rinnegan's Rinne Rebirth.

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