Naruto: 5 Ninjutsu that Kakashi only used once

1. Eight Inner Gates: The Eight Inner Gates is a powerful taijutsu technique used by Might Guy and his disciple, Rock Lee. During a battle, Guy opened the Eighth Gate of Death, displaying immense strength that almost defeated Uchiha Madara. Kakashi Hatake, another ninja from Konoha, is also capable of using the Eight Inner Gates but has only opened one gate due to the strain it puts on the body. After using it once, Kakashi has never used it again.

2. Rasengan: Rasengan is a ninjutsu technique created by the Fourth Hokage. Although Kakashi primarily uses the Chidori, he is likely to have been taught Rasengan by his master.


While training Naruto, Kakashi showcased his ability to use Rasengan in the Wind Release: Rasengan. However, he did not continue using it, possibly because it didn't match his fighting style.

3. Kamui: Kakashi possesses the Sharingan, which allows him to copy others' ninjutsu. Hence, he did not focus on developing his techniques. However, after losing his Sharingan during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi started to develop new ninjutsu. A refreshing addition was his Lightning Release technique.

4. Lightning Release Clone: Due to his low chakra reserves, Kakashi avoids using Shadow Clones. Instead, he employs Lightning Release Clones, which have fewer risks.


He used this technique against Pain Deva Path during the invasion of Konoha but has not used it since.

5. Ice Release: Despite not being able to copy kekkei genkai with the Sharingan, Kakashi's multiple chakra natures allow him to perform techniques similar to kekkei genkai. One of these is Ice Release, which he demonstrated briefly in the Naruto movie by combining Water Release and Wind Release to create Ice Release: One Horned White Whale. Unfortunately, he has not used this technique again. 

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