Naruto: The 5 people the Akatsuki organization most wants to recruit

1. Yellow Soil: Yellow Soil, a Jonin from Iwagakure, played a crucial role as the leader of the Second Division in the Fourth Great Ninja War. His Earth Release techniques are extensive, capable of suppressing Tailed Beasts. If the Akatsuki were to recruit him, their assault on Konohagakure would be easier.

2. Kakashi: Although Kakashi lacks powerful wide-area jutsu, his combat experience and expertise in infiltration make him valuable to the Akatsuki. As a student of the Fourth Hokage, he possesses classified information about Konohagakure. If Kakashi became a rogue ninja, Konohagakure would be in crisis.


3. Jiraiya: Despite not learning the Third Hokage's ultimate technique, Jiraiya's mastery of Sage Arts and Senjutsu makes him formidable. In Naruto's early stages, very few could handle his Sage Mode. If Jiraiya joined the Akatsuki, their power would be even more terrifying.

4. Danzō: Danzō, equal in strength to the Third Hokage, can use the God: Nativity of a World of Trees, a powerful Genjutsu that suppresses chakra flow. With numerous Sharingan collected after Itachi's mission, he possesses an advantage in battle. The Akatsuki could exploit his ambitions and persuade him to join.

5. Might Guy: Every Akatsuki member has weaknesses against taijutsu experts. Itachi and Kisame struggled against Might Guy's expertise. Recruiting him could compensate for this weakness and befriend a formidable opponent.

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