Five Ninjutsu used by Kage-level ninjas to crack Tailed Beast Jade

1. Bokujin no Jutsu: The first Hokage used Bokujin no Jutsu to fight against the complete Susanoo and Kyuubi, successfully resisting the attack of the Tailed Beast Cannon and defeating the opponent.

2. Time and Space Barrier: The Second Hokage uses the Time and Space Barrier to divert attacks, making his opponent's attacks ineffective.

3. Uchiha Reflection: Uchiha Madara uses the Uchiha Reflection skill of the Flame Uchiha Fan to reflect the attack on the opponent.

4. Four Red Sun Formation: The First Hokage, the Second Hokage, the Third Hokage and the Fourth Hokage jointly launched the Four Red Sun Formation and successfully resisted the attack of the Ten-Tailed Tailed Beast Jade.

5. Five-Level Rashomon: The First Hokage used the Five-Level Rashomon to change the attack trajectory, making the Kyuubi's Tailed Beast Cannon attack lose its power.

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