Naruto: The ninja who ran out of chakra and died

1. Nagato, also known as Pain: Nagato, with the Rinnegan, dealt with chakra depletion despite his power. Using his abilities to revive a whole village caused immense strain, contradicting his actions as he was responsible for killing the villagers he revived.

2. Kakashi, the beloved character: Kakashi possessed great power but suffered from chakra deficiency. His consumption of constant chakra was due to wearing an eye he didn't originally possess. Although he had the Sharingan, Kakashi avoided its use unless necessary. Overusing it in battle against Nagato's Deva Path drained Kakashi and led to his sacrifice.


3. Hashirama, the "God of Shinobi": Hashirama had abundant chakra, allowing him to employ colossal jutsus like the Wood Release. In his fight against Madara, both used powerful techniques continuously, yet Hashirama's chakra remained plentiful. However, he sacrificed himself by depleting his chakra to resurrect dead soldiers during the war.

4. The Third Raikage, also referred to as the Third Raikage: The Third Raikage possessed abundant chakra levels, enabling him to single-handedly face an army of 100,000 ninjas. However, within ten days, he exhausted his chakra, leading to his demise. The Third Raikage's valiant sacrifice was solely due to chakra depletion.

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