Naruto: 5 defenses that are hard to crack

1. Absolute Defense of Sand (Sand Release Defense): This technique provides complete protection and operates continuously, even during daily activities. Breaking through this defense is incredibly difficult.

2. Hydration Jutsu: The Hōzuki Clan can transform their bodies into liquid form, making them invulnerable to physical attacks. Only powerful Lightning Release techniques can counter this defense.

3. Five Layers of Rōkakatō: A rare spiritual tool that serves as a defense against death itself. It can block most ninjutsu, but only the Tailed Beast Ball has been able to penetrate it.

4. Lightning Armor: A technique that uses Lightning Release to strengthen the user's cells, forming an armor-like covering.


The defense of the Third Raikage is virtually indestructible.

5. Substitution Jutsu: The most elusive defensive ninjutsu. It can block almost any attack and has saved countless lives. It is the most difficult defensive and escape technique to overcome.

Overall, these defenses highlight the difficulty of breaking through different techniques in the Naruto world.

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