Naruto: The five ninjas who almost killed Sasuke

Deidara: Sasuke seeks revenge against Itachi and targets the Akatsuki. Deidara, insulted by Sasuke's dismissal, seeks to prove his art's superiority by killing him. However, Sasuke's Lightning Style counters Deidara's clay bombs, frustrating him. Deidara activates his ultimate art, but Sasuke escapes. 

Killer Bee: Sasuke learns that Itachi took the blame for him and joins the Akatsuki. His mission is to capture the Eight-Tails, underestimating its power. During the encounter with Killer Bee, Sasuke finds himself in danger but is saved by his hawk squad. 

Raikage: Outraged by Sasuke's actions, the Fourth Raikage calls for a summit.


Sasuke attacks the summit, but A's Lightning Style proves challenging for him. Gaara intervenes and saves Sasuke.

Danzo: Sasuke views Danzo as responsible for the Uchiha Clan's massacre and seeks to kill him. Danzo, equipped with Uchiha Sharingan eyes and Hashirama's cells, battles Sasuke. Sasuke narrowly avoids death and kills Danzo. 

Uchiha Madara: Sasuke unlocks the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and joins Naruto to confront Madara. Madara captures the tailed beasts, including the Nine-Tails. Sasuke initially considers joining Madara but refuses when he witnesses his arrogance. Madara stabs Sasuke, but he is saved by Obito.

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