Kakashi has a son, and Naruto also has an illegitimate son

Kakashi and Naruto have both married and had children, but Kakashi is still single without any romantic rumors. 

Speculations about Kakashi's child: Some fans believe that Kakashi has a child, possibly with the masked ninja resembling him. 

Speculations about Itachi's child: Another new character in Boruto closely resembles Itachi, leading to speculations about Itachi's potential spouse and child. 

Speculations about Naruto's child: Naruto had a romantic encounter with Sarada, who later had a daughter. There are suspicions that the child may be Naruto's. 

Reactions from fans: Fans would be happy if Kakashi, Itachi, and Naruto had children, as it fulfills their desire for a continuation of their legacies. It would also bring happiness and closure to these characters.    

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