If Jiraiya turns bad and attacks Konoha, only 5 people can match him

1. Danzo Danzo is still an indispensable part of Konoha Village. It is with his existence that Konoha can become the strongest among the five great ninja villages. Therefore, it is not easy for Jiraiya to defeat Danzo.

2. Uchiha Fugaku As the current patriarch of the Uchiha clan, Fugaku naturally has the strength of a Kage-level ninja, because the strength of the Uchiha clan is far higher than that of other families.

3. The Third Hokage. The Third Hokage used his strength to explain what it means to be old and strong. Although Orochimaru was almost sixty years old and Orochimaru had borrowed the power of the reincarnation of the dirty land, he still did not have much advantage in the battle.


This is enough to illustrate the strength of the Third Hokage. powerful.

4. Hinata Hinata Hinata is the patriarch of the Hyuga clan, known as the strongest family in Konoha. Although their blood lineage is not as powerful as the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan, the Hyuga Byakugan can even be used if used well. Produces better results than Sharingan.

5. Tsunade. Tsunade knows Jiraiya's weaknesses very well, and as a member of the Senju clan, coupled with the blessing of hundreds of heroes and slugs, Tsunade must have no difficulty resisting Jiraiya's attack. , and Tsunade didn't even blink when Uchiha Madara penetrated her body. ​

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