Naruto: 4 strong men who have never made a move

1. Uchiha Fugaku: Uchiha Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan, is known for his impressive strength in the clan. The Uchiha clan consists of individuals with the powerful Sharingan, making them highly skilled. However, their pride and arrogance make it challenging for them to be controlled by the Leaf Village. Fugaku's strength is evident as even his son, Uchiha Itachi, doubts his ability to defeat him.

2. Uzumaki Kushina: The Uzumaki clan, led by Uzumaki Kushina, demonstrated incredible strength during the conflicts between the Uchiha and Senju clans. Their sealing techniques were feared by all.


Kushina played a vital role in helping Senju Hashirama control the Nine-Tails beast by sealing it within herself, becoming the first Jinchuriki. Her strong will revealed her true power.

3. Sarutobi Sasuke: Many might not recognize the name Sarutobi Sasuke, but he is the father of the Third Hokage. The Third Hokage's ability to perfectly control chakra natures comes from Sasuke. Even the proud Uchiha clan admired Sasuke's strength, as Uchiha Fugaku named his second son Uchiha Sasuke, hoping he would reach the same level of power.

4. Hatake Sakumo: Hatake Sakumo, also known as Konoha's White Fang, had a renowned reputation throughout the nation.


However, there is no evidence of him ever using his true strength. He sacrificed himself during a mission to save his comrades, which resulted in damage to the village. Unable to cope with the criticism, he tragically took his own life. This demonstrates that the most powerful enemy isn't always an external force but the gossip and rumors that can ruin someone's reputation. 

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