5 people in Naruto who have had pupil eyes transplanted !

1. Kirigakure Village's Trick to Obtain the Byakugan: The Kirigakure Village successfully obtained the Byakugan by transplanting it into Ao, a skilled ninja. With Ao's investigative abilities and the Byakugan, the village saw a decrease in casualties during the Third Ninja War. Ao also used his Byakugan to uncover and foil Danzo's plot during the Five Kage Conference.

2. Obito Gives Sharingan to Kakashi: After witnessing Rin's death, Obito gave his Sharingan to Kakashi, allowing them to both awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan. With this powerful eye, Kakashi became a prominent figure in the Great Ninja War.


He not only mastered thousands of ninjutsu from various villages but also enhanced his Chidori Technique. Kakashi's fame spread far and wide.

3. Nagato's Transplanted Samsara Eye: Due to the Uzumaki clan's vitality, Uchiha Madara transplanted the Samsara Eye into Nagato. However, Nagato's Rinnegan paled in comparison to Madara's. Even with the Rinnegan, Nagato struggled to fight against the Nine-Tails, while Madara effortlessly faced it.

4. Danzo's Multiple Sharingan Transplants: Danzo collected numerous Sharingan eyes and used Orochimaru's technology to transplant them, even incorporating the cells of the first Hokage.


Unfortunately, Danzo wasted these Sharingans by using them as a substitute technique.

5. Uchiha Nobu: A Modified Individual: Uchiha Nobu is not a member of the Uchiha clan but obtained the Sharingan via transplantation. He was Orochimaru's experimental subject and transformed into someone who greatly admired Uchiha Itachi. Nobu possesses the ability to move objects through the air with his Sharingan, causing harm to Naruto.

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