Naruto: These 4 ninjutsu only appear once

(1): The Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, mastered this jutsu. It creates a water mirror that reflects enemy attacks back at them. It was used against Naruto and Killer Bee, nullifying their powerful attacks. The replicated attacks were as powerful as the originals. Inorganic Reanimation

(2): Reanimation jutsu is not unique to Naruto. The Inorganic Reanimation jutsu allows the user to manipulate inorganic objects without paying a high price. Kabuto used this jutsu in Sage Mode, overwhelming Sasuke and Itachi. After losing to Itachi's Izanami, Kabuto never used this jutsu again. Kamui Raikiri

(3): Kakashi developed Raikiri from Chidori and later mastered Kamui.


Kakashi, with his Sharingan, combined both techniques into Kamui Raikiri. In his Susanoo state, he surprised Kaguya with this ultimate space-time ninjutsu. However, Kakashi lost his Sharingan after the battle, rendering him unable to use Kamui or control Raikiri with precision. Giant Rasengan

(4): The Six-Tails Jinchuriki, Utakata, used the unique Giant Rasengan. It absorbs and amplifies the power of enemy attacks. Utakata was defeated by Guy's taijutsu attack, Daytime Tiger. After Utakata's death, this jutsu was lost. 

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